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Instrumentation: Native American flute (G pentatonic minor, A 440), strings (4, 3, 3, 3, 2 min.), and timpani (+ crotale)


Duration: 12 minutes  


Year of Composition: 2018

Premiere: October 2018, Lizzy Lieffort, soloist; Michael Alexander conducting.


Notes: Commissioned by the 2018 Greeley Cultural Festival, Jittapim (Nan) Yamprai, director.  In five continuous movements.


Program Notes: Much in the same way Modest Mossourgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition is a stroll through an art exhibition, Petroglyphs is a stroll along a rock-face, full of these beautifal and ancient Native American etchings.  The subject reflects on five different scenes, the music accompanying the story created by his or her interpretation of each.  Inspired in particular by the petroglyphs found on Petroglyph Point Trail in Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park. 

Lizzy Lieffort, soloist; Michael Alexander conducting.

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